Creators Production Course

The Ultimate Online Media Production Program. 100% Practical and real world guaranteed to make you production ready. Or your course fees back.

Part One: Media Production

Complete part one, and you'll have first class media production skills. Guaranteed, or your course fees refunded.

Photographs & Imaging

Learn essential photography imaging and production tactics. Master Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC and produce flawless images. Catalogues, developing digital negatives, and compiling final images for print, motion or the web and more.

Digital Graphics

People who can create professional ad graphics and media for print, websites and social media are in demand. Create clean graphic compositions by creating, sourcing and laying out images and logos. Even with no graphic design experience, you'll be able to create killer image and video graphics in no time. 

Video & Animation

Learn to edit and produce a professional video for broadcast and the web using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. These are complicated video apps but you'll learn how simple it can be when you are shown how. Video is the best format to drive engagement with your work or business online.

Part Two: Web Sites, Apps and Social Media

When you complete part two, you'll know exactly how to apply your production skills to produce websites and social media posts, ads and marketing campaigns. Become excellent or your course feels refunded.


Hosted websites, WordPress installations, landing pages and ecommerce stores. Learn these essential skills and create websites, stores and marketing funnels.

Social Media Marketing

Using your production skills you'll design and produce compelling social media still and video posts, combining type, photographs, graphics, video and sound produce rich media for any platform.

Web Apps

This final section of the program takes you through the latest modern tools for media production, project management and online marketing. This section of the course is the capstone that ties everything together. 

Ready to Invest?

Invest in yourself and master media production once and for all. I'm so confident in the course I'll guarantee you will love it or I'll refund your course fees. You have nothing to lose.

Creators Course: Image, Video and Social Media Production

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Master media production for the modern age, in this supported online course.  Learn first hand from an exp...


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